No one looks good in a hair net and disposable lab coats, but we geared up and gained new found respect for the level of sanitation and process to produce frozen foods on high demand. A well oiled machine with history to make you gawk and mouth watering aromas that take the guessing out of why this is a leading brand in retail freezers. We were afforded the opportunity to deploy our drone outside the factory to appreciate the tech and size of this enterprise. Documenting an interview of the benefits derived from using an alternative energy source, piped natural gas.   
Meticulous care was taken to insure that no corporate intellectual property gets infringed whilst filming. After all its always the special recipe why we all run to the shops for our favorite delicatessens. We made due with minimum equipment inside the factory as added insurance to avoid contamination. Case study proved effective once again with consideration to the financial model as piped natural gas time and time again rises as the most cost effective alternative energy solution. Cooking with gas, no matter the scale always trumps.  ​​​​​​​
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