Tackling the energy crisis
X3 Design Studio endeavors to part take in current, relatable and relevant affairs.  Nothing is more important than aiding in solutions to solve the energy crisis we all face day to day. We have built standing relationships within the energy sector, with Egoli Gas being one of the leaders to alleviate power cuts. Piped Natural Gas is a safe, efficient and reliable solution, paired with generators that innately run more silent than any other fuel source when compared. This campaign was aimed especially at residents in domestic areas and businesses. Less noise, more power. We started with a social media campaign, derived mostly of animated motion graphics.
We needed a bold and simple strategy, that easily translates to all. The decision on a tinged orange background not only effectively stands out on billboards, but resembles a warm glow. In short light up your life during power cuts. Yes, there will always be sparkiest end users calling to hear how much the earphones are, and if it’s gas powered. Point though, to get people talking and asking questions to find out more. These boards went up at six locations around Jo’burg creating great traction.
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