Nobody is just a number with these guys, they personify “You are your brand!”. We decided with this much character and service driven staff that the world should meet them whilst introducing the brand. This is the company to call if you need to get your business off grid. They collaborate with engineers and global partners to offer alternative energy to keep your business running. We populated a script and directed everyone to compile an introductory video second to none. To capture this digital feature we implemented drone footage and on the ground 4k equipment, sound and lighting to best highlight their products and services.
GA Solutions is a perfect example of our studios capability. Our relationship started in 2014 starting with their Logo Design, website, company profile and signage. We’ve journeyed together digitally discovering social media, refining target audiences, growing from strength to strength. Today GA Solutions are kitted with digital QR code business cards and catalogues. We by their referral have gained other clients in the energy sector. Their support and ours in return, proves the beneficial relationship of implementing a design studio as partner in your business’s growth.     ​​​​​​​
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